New Internal Aerophone AE-10 Sounds. 100 Patches.



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Until June 20, 2024.


We recommend you to update the Aerophone AE-10 system program to Version 3.10 or 3.11

100 Brand New Internal sounds for the Roland Aerophone AE-10 will add expressiveness to your performance and will become for you a new source of inspiration.

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AerophoneLeadsBank-100 contains 100 NEW, expressive, dynamic, breath controlled patches designed especially for the Roland Aerophone AE-10 wind controller.

We recommend you to update the Aerophone AE-10 system program to Version 3.10 or 3.11

Zip file contains two sound sets:
AerophoneLeadsBank-100-v3.1 and
AerophoneLeadsBank-100-ReducedEcho-v3.1, for those who prefer to use external sound processing.
Total number of sounds is 200.
For your convenience, names of patches with a reduced effect have “-” after “AE”.
For example, AE SawLead (full effect) and AE-SawLead (reduced effect).

AerophoneLeadsBank-100 patch list

Here you can download FREE 12 NEW Sounds for Aerophone AE-10

How to upload new sounds into your Aerophone AE-10

Aerophone AE-10 editor manual

Currently, we recommend for the best sounding the following configuration of Aerophone AE-10 with your AerophoneLeadsBank-100 (however, these adjustments are individual for each performer and may differ depending оn your preferences and convenience):

Volume: 7
M.Tuning: 440.0
Breath: M
BreathAdj: Auto
BiteCtrl: SAX
BiteOfst: 1
EwndSens: 3
PitDown: 64
Pit Up: 2
Bend Sw ON
Bend Rng: 2
Speaker: AUTO
UserTone: OFF
KeyDelay: 5
BreaOut1: CC2
BreaOut2: OFF
BiteOut1: BNDS
BiteMin1: 0
BiteMax1: 127
BiteOut2: OFF
BiteMin2: 0
BiteMax2: 127
Version: 3.11