FreeAerophoneLeadsBank-12 patch list


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We recommend you to update the Aerophone AE-10 system program to Version 3.11

001 AE FluLead
002 AE Harmonica
003 AE SmoothCat
004 AE NightAndDay
005 AE ShakuTrump
006 AE UpbeatVoice
007 AE AngelRay
008 AE RememberYou
009 AE YouSayWow
010 AE GuitarLead
011 AE SawWow
012 AE ShakuLead

Zip file contains two sound sets:
AerophoneLeadsBank-12-v3.10 and
AerophoneLeadsBank-12-ReducedEcho-v3.10, for those who prefer to use external sound processing.
Total number of sounds is 24.
For your convenience, names of patches with a reduced effect have “-” after “AE”.
For example, AE SawLead (full effect) and AE-SawLead (reduced effect).

Currently, we recommend for the best sounding the following configuration of Aerophone AE-10 with your AerophoneLeadsBank-100 (however, these adjustments are individual for each performer and may differ depending оn your preferences and convenience):

Volume: 7
M.Tuning: 440.0
Breath: M
BreathAdj: Auto
BiteCtrl: SAX
BiteOfst: 1
EwndSens: 3
PitDown: 64
Pit Up: 2
Bend Sw ON
Bend Rng: 2
Speaker: AUTO
UserTone: OFF
KeyDelay: 5
BreaOut1: CC2
BreaOut2: OFF
BiteOut1: BNDS
BiteMin1: 0
BiteMax1: 127
BiteOut2: OFF
BiteMin2: 0
BiteMax2: 127
Version: 3.10