VG Jazz Trumpet for iPad/iPhone

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iPad/iPhone sound libraries for just $15 each! 
Until July 22, 2024.

AudioLayer Sound Library for iPad/iPhone

  • Set up to work with breath controllers (TEControl, MRTAudio), wind controllers (AKAI EWI4000s, EWI5000, EWI Solo, Roland Aerophone AE-10, AE-20, Pro AE-30, Yamaha WX, Yamaha YDS, Berglund NuEVI, NuRad, EMEO, Robkoo R1, etc.) and MIDI keyboard controllers.
  • Each note was individually sampled to achieve maximum realism.
  • VG Jazz Trumpet requires the installation of the AudioLayer app, version 1.9 or later, on your iPhone or iPad. You can find more details and download the application here:
  • Recorded sample quality: 24 bit / 44.1 kHz
  • Library Size: 57 MB
  • The Effects section, including seven studio-quality effects such as distortion, equalizer, phaser, flanger, chorus, delay, and reverb, will add a distinctive character to your performance and help integrate the instrument into any mix.
  • VG Jazz Trumpet AudioLayer instrument Quick Start Guide
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VG Jazz Trumpet
VG Jazz Trumpet for iPad iPhone
VG Jazz Trumpet for iPad iPhone