Saxophone Master EWI


NI Kontakt Sound Library, NKI

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We have sought to make the most powerful, flexible and easy-to-use Saxophone Sound library available.
In addition, we wanted Electric Wind Instrument (AKAI EWI) performers to be able to instantly and easily control settings of our sound library.
The end-products of more than a year of our efforts are Saxophone Master EWI and Trumpet Master EWI.
The superb saxophone sound has been recorded in a world class studio through the SSL 4000 console and NEUMANN U47   microphones to ensure the highest quality and warmth.
Additional sounds Trumpet, Flute, Trombone, Trumpet Harmon muted and effects Wah-Wah, Rotator, Talk Box, Vibrato,   Distortion, Brightness allow you to create new timbres and new ways of musical expression.
The most important features can be assigned to your external MIDI controller to play a realistic sound in real time.
After you have configured your MIDI controller or Wind controller (AKAI EWI) (see Basic AKAI EWI4000s SETTINGS for more   information) for controlling Saxophone Master EWI, you can change the depth of effects and balance of instruments in real time, thus creating dozens of new sound combinations.
Each parameter of Saxophone Master EWI can be controlled from the Graphical User Interface, but it is much more fun to operate the instrument using capabilities provided by AKAI EWI or the external MIDI controller.
We are excited to finally share this gorgeous musical instrument with you.
Have fun!